Timothy Grae has long been committed to creating environments where love, appreciation, and community abound. Through his upbringing, Grae learned how to bring trust, safety, and unity to each of his life's pursuits. Over the last decade, he has founded many programs that reflect those sentiments. In 2009, he created "The Sweat Party," an opportunity for the people in his community to exercise together under the guise of partying and dancing. Through his work in a corporate spa environment, Grae discovered that giving care through treatment should not be looked upon as limited. There is more than one approach to allow for healing, which he discovered in his ultimate endeavor: Grae Wellness Lounge. This business offers the space to grow, learn, and create through social and cultural events, healing seminars, and workout classes. Inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance permeate the culture here. At Grae Wellness, the goal is simple: "Recover, Restore, and Rejuvenate."

At Grae Wellness, it’s about your individual journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards.


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