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Our new custom blend ‘Grounded by Grae’, is an exquisite, naturally processed coffee from Sidama, Ethiopia. A light organic roast with delicious fruity notes.

Grounded By Grae

  • Additional Info

    Rich & balanced, with sweet brown sugar flavors and blueberry characteristics.

    Notes: Floral/Jasmine aroma,

    winey & sweet acidity


    We are honored to know that our product is a fair trade product directly from Africa that supports someone here locally with the proceeds that your purchase provides.


    This batch and its proceeds will be benefiting a young man by the name of Kareem McDaniel, who is suffering from stage four cancer so the proceeds will be dedicated to his recovery program and helping him with his medical bills.


    If you would like to donate more than just have a coffee here is a link to his go fund me

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