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The original HE+AL powder: a ⅛ of a teaspoon scoop (one serving) contains whole plant aloe vera and hemp extracts full of naturally occurring cannabinoids, including 25 mg of Hemp and less than 0.3 % THC in an eco-friendly package.


  • Recover - A potent naturally anti-inflammatory that can be used to relieve muscle soreness.  Great in smoothies right after a workout!

  • Relax - A great mood balancer, especially with warm drinks such as coffee or tea.

  • Repeat - An all natural product that can be used daily


For waste reduction, scooper is sold separately, or a standard ⅛ teaspoon can be used.




HE+AL can also be used as a safe, effective, and natural alternative to your current Hemp products.


  • Add one scoop to a post work-out smoothie or beverage of choice

  • Add one scoop to a morning or afternoon coffee

  • Add one scoop to an evening tea blend


  • Care Instructions

    Store in a dark, cool, dry area with packaging sealed. Use within 3 months after opening. All compostable packaging (bag and label). PLEASE RECYCLE

  • Helpful Tip

    For best results mix HE+AL with warm water in a blender until fully dissolved.  One scoop is plenty, however, adjust the dosage up or down according to your needs. Combine with any beverage including smoothies, coffee, or tea for endless possibilities.

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