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How To Use Your HSA/FSA Card For Massage

FSA (Flexible Spending Account):


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's), also known as a Flexible Spending Arrangement, is established by an employer. Usually it's funded by a pre-tax payroll deduction, but employers can also contribute to it or provide it entirely. FSA's can be used in conjunction with any type of health insurance, although health insurance is not required to have one. FSA funds can be used to cover deductibles, copays, and other medical expenses like Vision and Dental. Some FSA's include a “Use it or lose it” clause, where the money not used in the account by the end of the year is forfeited back to the company. Employers can allow enrollees to carry over up to $500 to the next year, or use their funds during the grace period which ends on March 15th every year. Be sure to check with your individual insurance plan for more details on coverage. Visit for more information of coverage. 


How to use HSA or FSA for Massage Therapy:


In some cases the first step in using your FSA or HSA money for massage therapy is to pay a visit to your primary care doctor. Let the doctor know you have an FSA or HSA and are seeking massage therapy as the solution to a medically eligible condition. The doctor will write a prescription for your massage if he/she deems it to be medically necessary.


The physician must provide three pieces of information on your prescription:


1. Why the massage is medically necessary

2. The number of sessions you'll need or the frequency of your visits

3. The length of the treatments needed.


Some clients will have a debit card directly linked to their spending accounts, but many will need the therapist to provide a form to submit for reimbursement.


The form should include:


1. The clients name and address

2. The Massage Therapist's name, address, and license number

3. The date and description of the service

4. The amount paid

5. The CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) code


Massage is so much more than just a stress release or relaxing activity. For many, massage can relieve pain that medications cannot fix, and it can even help with depression, anxiety, and many other ailments.


If you think this situation could apply to you, be sure sure to talk to your doctor. Then visit us, call us or jump online to book your next appointment!