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Health Insurance Coverage for Wellness

Massage is so much more than just a stress release or relaxing activity. For many, massage can relieve pain that medications cannot fix, and it can even help with depression, anxiety, and many other ailments. Most health insurance coverages will cover your massage up to a certain percentage. Here's how:

Please contact your health insurance and/or medical provider to confirm eligibility and qualifications to see if these instructions apply to you.

How to book your Grae Wellness Massage with HSA/FSA Dollars:

1. Select your service.

2. At checkout, use your HSA/FSA card as you would with any debit/credit card to pay for your service. That's it! 

How to book if your insurance requires
pre-authorization to use HSA/FSA Dollars:

Depending on your plan/coverage, you need to pay a visit to your primary care doctor first in order to use FSA or HSA money for massage therapy. Let the doctor know you have an FSA or HSA and are seeking massage therapy as the solution to a medically eligible condition. The doctor will write a prescription for your massage if he/she deems it to be medically necessary. 

1. Go to book your massage.

2. At checkout, use your personal debit/credit card to pay for your service.

3. Request an invoice from Grae Wellness after your session.

4. Submit your receipt of payment and invoice to your insurance. Most insurance websites will have a reimbursement section for you to submit. Please contact your provider for more information on where to submit.

Should you have any more questions feel free to email us at

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