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Cupping massage is a therapeutic technique that involves placing cups on the skin and creating suction to help alleviate muscle tension, promote circulation, and stimulate healing.

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Relaxing Swedish Massage

A gentle and soothing massage that focuses on long, flowing strokes to promote relaxation and improve circulation.

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Deep Tissue Massage

A firm and therapeutic massage that targets deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to alleviate chronic pain and tension.

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Sports Massage

An invigorating massage designed to enhance athletic performance, relieve muscle soreness, and prevent injuries.

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CBD Massage

A deeply relaxing massage that incorporates cbd oils to reduce inflammation and pain to muscles and joints.

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Thai Massage

A combination of stretching, compression, and gentle pressure along the body's energy lines to release tension, improve flexibility, and promote relaxation. It's often performed on a mat on the floor, and the recipient remains fully clothed.

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